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From Bedtime story to the big-screen! Mallorca's top attraction stars in ‘La Sexta’ hit TV show.

Pirates Adventure dinner show has wowed over 3 million visitors to date and is about to be catapulted across Spanish TV screens in the hugely popular reality series ‘El Jefe Infiltrado’; with its swashbuckling storyline of good versus evil along with world class acrobatics and gymnastics.

Owner and CEO, Catherine Sasson was approached last year by producers to go undercover in her own company to see what it’s like to work in different areas of the business and get a real insight into how employees feel working at Globo Balear Entertainment Group.

"I was a little apprehensive at first but it was an exciting opportunity that I couldn't turn down" said Sasson. "My dad started the business over 30 years ago in Benidorm, he'd be really proud to see how much Pirates has evolved since then" added Sasson.

The enchantment began when Catherine was a little girl, her father, the late Jacques Sasson would tell her his own bedtime story.This was a tale of historic battles over rumours of hidden treasures. The story features Sir Henry Morgan who had fought and defeated the evil Pirate Jacques Lafitte leaving his galleon shipwrecked in the Caribbean. However, feeling vulnerable to a revenge attack, Morgan enlisted the help of Sir Francis Drake, Blackbeard, Barbarossa and Captain Scarlet to help him defend the treasure and crush Lafitte once and for all.

From this he created a show to entertain guests at his Benidorm hotel of an evening, which in turn grew bigger and better. Today Pirates has a purpose built theatre situated in Magaluf, Mallorca and a cast of world champion artists. Pirates Adventure Dinner show is a favourite for families visiting the holiday resorts across the island. It has become world famous, with a previous US tour in Miami and a host of celebrity guests such as Infanta Pilar, Florentino Pérez, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Steve McManaman and Pablo Puyol.

The TV programme based on the US version ‘Undercover Boss’ sees high level executives leave the comfort of their offices and secretly take low-level jobs within their companies to find out how things really work and what their employees truly think of them.Catherine will feature in disguise and spend a week undercover, will anyone suspect who she really is?

Globo Balear Entertainment Group based in Mallorca is the parent company of Pirates Adventure Dinner-show, Pirates Reloaded 18+, Radio One Mallorca & Menorca and previously Come Fly with Me.