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Jacques Sasson Foundation

After many years of fundraising for different charities both here and in the UK through our Pirates Charity Premiere we have decided to take a break this year. However we have decided to keep the fundraising going by setting up The Jacques Sasson Foundation. Jacques will best be remembered for his invention of the Pirates Adventure show in Mallorca. Now in its 32nd year it has entertained over 3 million people. As the Charity Premiere was Jacques idea we would like to continue the fundraising using his name. This year we will kick off the fundraising by supporting our partners at Radio One Mallorca, for their 3rd annual charity 24 hour Radiothon broadcast. The Charities that we will be supporting this year are;

Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital

Pirates has been supporting GOSH for 12 years now. From 2004 to 2013 we raised 714,697.41€ and in that time the money has been put to many different projects including a Pirates treatment room. More recently the money has been spent in four main areas: rebuilding and redevelopment of the Hospital; research (GOSH are currently embarking on a 5-year research strategy to target rare diseases in childhood); latest and replacement medical equipment; parent accommodation and support services for families and patients. Our total raised for GOSH so far is 738,744.11€

Son Espases Intensive Care Unit for Children

We have been working with Son Espases for 3 years now and this year we are helping the only Child Intensive Care Unit in the Balearics. From our first donation they used the money to redecorate the doors of each room with cartoon characters making them look less like hospital bedrooms. Something we learned very early on our many visits to Great Ormond Street was the biggest challenge was to make the hospitals look less like hospitals so the children could relax. We have also helped redecorate a new pirate ship-themed CAT scan in the Paediatric Department. Some 350m² of decorative vinyl wrapping gave Son Espases entry into a very select group of hospitals to implement such an idea, alongside the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York, the Hospital Municipal Jesus in Rio de Janeiro and Hospital San Juan de Dios in Barcelona. In each case they’ve proven that this fantasy décor creates a warm, inviting, relaxing atmosphere and reduces levels of anxiety - making life easier for patients and professionals alike. The number of young patients who need sedation to conduct a scan is reduced by 20%, a significant amount considering Son Espases carries out around 4,000 CAT scans in the room each year. Our total raised for Son Espases so far is 24,046.97€

SOS Animal Mallorca is a non-profit association founded in 1995 with the purpose of helping animals in need in Mallorca. At present its headquarters is located in the municipality of Calvià and is run by a group of volunteers.

Fundacion Nazaret is a children´s home for kids that come from less fortunate families and have had difficult upbringings. The aim is for children to return to their families when their home situations improve but in some cases where this is not possible, the foundation provides long term support until children become fully independent. During their time at the foundation they receive the necessary schooling required, attend educational, social and training programmes and are assisted in their preparation and search for work.

Club Vidalba is a Non-profit organization that for 12 years through a group of volunteers has organized sports and leisure for people with disabilities on the Island of Menorca.