Jump on board the Hispaniola and take a magical journey through a time when Pirates ruled the Seven Seas! Escape for an evening of jaw-dropping entertainment complete with selected soft drinks and water to wash it down, unlimited throughout the night. A truly unforgettable family experience, get lost in the adventure with acrobatics that will amaze, dancers that will dazzle and laughs for all ages.

Over three million visitors can't be wrong, so what are you waiting for? Get in the midst of the action - feel the heat of the fire, hear the sound from the swords, and look up as Pirates fly over your head! Choose from four seating categories to suit all budgets: Main Deck, Quarter Deck, VIP Captain's Tables or for the ultimate Pirates Adventure chose the VVIP Experience with Below Decks Backstage Tour!

The trading routes of old were a scene of many historic battles over rumours of hidden treasures. Sir Henry Morgan had fought and defeated the evil Pirate Jacques Lafitte leaving his galleon shipwrecked in the Caribbean.

However, feeling vulnerable to a revenge attack, Morgan enlisted the help of Sir Francis Drake – The noblest of Pirates, Blackbeard – The most notorious Pirate, Barbarossa – King of the Mediterranean Seas and Captain Scarlet – a beauty that rules with an iron fist, to help him defend the treasure and crush Lafitte once and for all.

Shipmates…Be sure to cheer for your Captains!



Pirate Theme

Exceptional Staging: The show unfolds on a meticulously designed stage that evokes the atmosphere of the pirate era. Ships, islands, and maritime landscapes will transport you to the most glorious time of pirates.

Intriguing Narrative: An exciting plot full of twists. Stories may involve treasure hunts, high-sea battles, and betrayals, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the show.

A Value for Money Dinner + Show

Themed Dinner: Enjoy a pirates feast with unlimited selected soft drinks included.

Themed Merchandise

Unique Souvenirs: As part of the experience, you'll have the chance to acquire themed souvenirs such as T-shirts, toys, and other exclusive products that reflect the essence of the pirate adventure.

Stunning Performances

Professional Actors: The show features a cast of professional actors portraying charismatic pirate characters (Sir Henry Morgan, Jacques Lafitte, Blackbeard, and the evilest of all, Barbarossa). Make sure to cheer for your captain.

Spectacular Choreography: Actors not only play their roles but also engage in acrobatics and action scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Impressive choreography and stage skills contribute to the intensity and excitement of the show.

Immersive and Family-Friendly Show

Active Participation: In Pirates Adventure, the audience is part of the show and often has the opportunity to actively participate. You may be selected to join games, make decisions in the plot, or even take the stage for certain scenes.

Family Atmosphere: The show is suitable for all ages, from adults to children, creating a safe, comfortable, and family-appropriate environment.